Who we are

Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS) is a vibrant and a flagship Organization of Community Schools since 1992 in Zambia. The Organisation empowers communities to provide quality basic education to 127,516 learners (62,717 Boys and 64,799 Girls) in 665 demonstration Community Schools across 51 Districts in all the 10 provinces of Zambia, premised on the principle that every child has a right to education.

Through its three pillar approach of Advocacy, Service Delivery and Capacity Building, ZOCS has accomplished much for the children and people of Zambia. The three pillars on which ZOCS builds its approach are those of enhanced educational opportunities for children, increased community capacity to provide such opportunities and advocating for Government commitment to the sustainability of ZOCS innovations in all 3,000 Community Schools in Zambia.

ZOCS is unwavering in keeping these three aspects to the fore: more and better education for more children, and community dedication to the provision of such education. They bring out that ZOCS is about open, accessible schools for disadvantaged children and that it is about communities. These take priority over everything else.

ZOCS’ intentions are to consolidate what it has so far accomplished, branch out in new ventures and directions, and empower the provision of even more and better education to children who tend to be excluded. ZOCS work supplements the Ministry of General Education (MoGE)’s mandate in the provision of quality education to Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia.