ZOCS launched a colouring book called “Plant a Tree and Good Things will Happen”. Through its 40 beautiful pages with exciting illustrations for children to color, the coloring book teaches children to value planting of trees and caring for the environment. It presents an educational narrative about the food we eat, the air we breathe and the planet we inhabit.

Driven by the passion for ZOCS work, Prof. Morrissey, introduced ZOCS to the Trees That Feed Foundation and the Coloring Book which gave rise to a translation of the book in Chitonga for use by children aged 5-10 years. The book which was launched today at Amanda Community School in Choma, equally serves as a dedication to ZOCS Patron Prof. Fr. Michael Kelly S.J for his immense contribution to the education sector in Zambia and beyond.

The Chitonga version will be used in Southern and Central Provinces. ZOCS intends to scale up the translation into Chinyanja and Icibemba for use in other provinces.

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