In Lusaka province ZOCS has a myriad of interventions both at community and Governmental level ranging from training to advocacy. In Lusaka we are conducting teacher training leading to certification as well non-certificate training in basic teaching methodologies. ZOCS is also conducting capacity building trainings in school management, advocacy and fundraising.

Community sensitization is carried on various issues such as policy. We equip and revamp Youth Friendly Health Corners in community schools in various localities and provide teacher loans to member school teachers to motivate volunteer teachers in their performance. Income Generating Activities are run in various community schools that help the schools to maintain a sustainable flow of income. Other interventions include water and sanitation programmes at various schools. ZOCS in Lusaka also supports those children who graduate from community schools but have no financial means to progress to higher grades.

Pictured here is John Chipoya a beneficiary of Zambia Project bursary support through ZOCS.

John Chipoya


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