CHOMA- THE Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS) has handed over a newly constructed classroom block at Gamela Centre of Excellence in Chief Singani’s area in Choma. And ZOCS has warned parents in rural areas against marrying off their daughters at tender ages.Speaking during a handover ceremony on Friday, ZOCS board member Edina Chongo said her organisation is committed to supplementing Government’s efforts to provide quality education countrywide.

Ms Chongo said ZOCS is supporting over 500 community schools across the country with about 17,000 children currently benefiting from its educational programmes.

“As ZOCS, we are a non-governmental organisation working to implement the provision of quality education in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

“ZOCS will continue working with Government so that we can deliver quality education to vulnerable children such as the disabled,” Ms Chongo said.

And Choma district commissioner Bernadette Hamweemba commended ZOCS for building the classroom block.

Ms Hamweemba said Government will always partner with organisations dedicated to improving infrastructure in the education sector.

Government is committed to providing quality education for all because there is no excuse for denying children their right to education.

“This development is timely as it is aimed at complementing St Mulumba School in Choma in providing access to education for children with disabilities. This is, therefore, not just success for the school but for Government and the community at large,” she said.

Ms Hamweemba said the newly-built classroom block will help bring education closer to many children in communities in Choma.

Government will provide desks and reading materials for pupils.

Ms Hamweemba warned parents in rural areas against marrying off their daughters at tender ages and those found doing so would be punished.

She urged head teachers and chiefs to help Government to plant trees in their areas in order to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Earlier, Chief Singani commended Government and ZOCS for their commitment to improving education standards in his chiefdom.

Chomba Musika
-Zambia Daily Mail


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