ZOCS celebrates its 20th Anniversary amid equally wonderful news of our partnership with Human Education International (HEI).

HEI is an organisation that supports education through partner organisations like ZOCS in Zambia and other countries. Through joint efforts HEI and ZOCS have developed a five year programme that would touch most provinces in Zambia. This extraordinary project means that ZOCS will be able to reach a large percentage of the estimated number of out of school children.

For the next five years ZOCS will facilitate the training of 30 community school teachers to diploma level of education thereby improving pupil performance in all areas of intervention. This activity contributes significantly to the number of trained teachers in community schools as well as to complement Government efforts of addressing the critical shortage of trained teachers in Zambia especially in rural areas.

Not only has this partnership enabled ZOCS to continue its work but it will also mean that we are able to engage with other partners who are all working towards the improvement of teaching and learning within community schools. This project will also engage with policy makers on issues of teacher training and support to disadvantaged children through empowering communities with knowledge and skills to lobby and advocate for themselves with the outcome of government recognising community school teachers as paraprofessionals.

Another key area of the project is focusing on getting volunteer teachers on the government payroll which is key to the sustainability of community schools and to the quality of teaching that OVC are receiving.


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